Online entries:

Please submit your entry via our website by 3 September 2023. In no more than 1,000 words, explain how your idea unlocks one (or more of the following): Improves efficiency, improves the patient experience, uses existing or emerging technologies to improve care, frees up staff time or improves learning experience.

The application:

This should include references that support your description of the problem you wish to solve, why you chose this particular innovation design. Include diagrams where applicable. These are outside the word count.

The entrant:

The lead entrant should be a registered nurse and be available and prepared to present their ideas on the event day 4th October, if successfully shortlisted.


Entries will be judged from online discussion between the judges and a score between 1-10, 1 being criteria not met and 10 having fully met the criteria. Shortlisted will be announced on Tuesday 19 September 2023.

Countdown to shortlist anouncement


  • Clarity of the problem to be solved: Focuses on how well the problem statement or challenge is defined and communicated. Helps to evaluate the extent to which participants understand the problem they need to address, including the objectives, scope, constraints, and desired outcomes.
  • The Innovation and its design: Assess the uniqueness, creativity, and effectiveness of the technological innovation proposed by participants, including design, functionality and potential impact of the solution in addressing the identified problem in nursing practice.
  • Value of the solution to stakeholders: Measures the value and benefits that the proposed solution brings to various stakeholders, such as nurses, patients, healthcare organisations, and the broader healthcare community. It evaluates the potential positive impact and advantages of the innovation from a stakeholder perspective.
  • Adaptability of the solution for different settings: Evaluates the scalability and adaptability of the proposed solution across different healthcare settings. Assesses whether the innovation can be implemented and effectively utilised in diverse environments, such as hospitals, clinics, care homes, or community.
  • Leadership of the project: Demonstrates leadership qualities and capabilities of the participants in driving the technological innovation project. It considers aspects such as project management, strategic planning, decision-making, and the ability to inspire and motivate team members.
  • Collaboration within and between teams/disciplines: Focuses on the degree of collaboration and teamwork demonstrated by participants. It evaluates how effectively interdisciplinary teams have worked together to develop the technological innovation, emphasising the importance of cooperation, communication, and coordination among team members.

    Judges will be looking for innovation thinking, even where developments are simple changes but raises the bar of best practice and is evidenced by data, testimonials or patient feedback.

Live pitches:

Three finalists from each category will be chosen to make our shortlist and invited to present their idea as part of the main Digital Forum programme. The shortlisted should create an 8 minute presentation that will be followed by questions from the judges. Presentations will be in front of the event audience, giving you a great opportunity to raise the profile of your work in a room full of nurse innovators. Delegates will also be voting on their favourite pitches, weighted at 75% judges and 25% delegates.


The winning entries will be announced at the end of the forum.

Winners’ rewards:

  • Florence Nightingale Foundation mentorship: Florence Nightingale Foundation are pleased to offer mentorship to the Nursing Times Digital Technology Innovation Competition winners. This will be provided by FNF Digital Scholar Alumni who are talented and transformational senior digital health leaders
  • An invite to the Nursing Times Workforce Summit & Awards on 21st November in Central London, where they will be given an award
  • The opportunity to present their projects to a wider audience at the Workforce Summit Online event on 15th November