Digital Tools for Nurse Training & Development Webinar

Online | Wednesday 19 April, 14:00
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14:00 - Exploring Artificial Intelligence Tools in Nursing Education: the ChatGPT Phenomenon

This webinar will focus on the range of artificial intelligence (AI) tools that are currently available for use in nurse education including ChatGPT. Learn how some of these AI tools work along with their advantages and disadvantages for nursing students and educators.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Predictive analytics 
  • ChatGPT and large language models 
  • Teaching AI to nursing students

14:40 - Case study: Utilising technology to enhance simulation and clinical skills teaching in nursing education.

This session will outline a number of innovative teaching sessions utilised at Keele University to support the delivery of clinical skills and simulation. Session titles include “Navigate The Nurse”, “Live from the Clinical Education Centre”, “Oxford Medical Scenarios” and “Tag Team Learning”. The importance of a blended-learning approach will also be discussed as well as the practical implications of implementing these sessions within a Simulated Placement Learning Week.

Learning outcomes:

You will leave this webinar understanding the importance of artificial intelligence and how to utilise some of the AI tools and simulated learning for nurse education. You can also earn CPD points by receiving an attendance certificate post event.

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