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The Nursing Times Digital Series is a year-long programme of events with regular and free to attend webinars and a 2 day virtual conference. It is a place where the growing digital nursing community can connect with like-minded colleagues to share learning, experiences and ideas.

The recent acceleration and adoption of technology in health and care settings means every nurse needs to be digitally competent and embrace the digital world. As nurse leaders, the challenge is to champion and lead digital health initiatives so that there is widespread adoption, resulting in improved nursing practices and patient care.

Join our series of events created to help support and inspire you and your nursing staff to embrace digital transformation and unearth opportunities that have a positive impact for patient flow in both acute and community care.

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Digital Patient Flow Webinar

Online | Tuesday 28 February, 14:00
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This webinar focused on the use of technology to improve patient flow. Learn how access to real-time data allows for better patient flow and how to make sure your dashboard is user-friendly and efficient.

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Digital Tools for Nurse Training & Development Webinar

Online | Wednesday 19 April, 14:00
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This webinar focused on the range of artificial intelligence (AI) tools that are currently available for use in nurse education including ChatGPT, as well as a case study on utilising technology to support the delivery of clinical skills and simulation, in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Councils Current Recovery Standards. 

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NT Digital Forum
Online | Tuesday 3 - Wednesday 4 October, 09:00 – 13:00

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A two-day, online nurse-led event designed to inspire and support all nurses and midwives to be proactively involved in the digital transformation in acute and community settings.

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Virtual Wards & Remote Patient Monitoring Webinar

Online | Wednesday 1 November, 14:00
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This webinar explored how to use remote patient monitoring to enable monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings, such as in the home or in a remote area, increasing access to care and decreasing healthcare delivery costs.

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Why Attend

The Nursing Times Digital Series of events has been designed to inspire and support all nurses and midwives to be proactively involved in the digital transformation in acute and community settings. Topics covered by our webinars and annual conference include:

  • Maintaining a person-centred service when using technology 
  • Preparing the workforce for the digital era
  • Opportunities with AI in healthcare
  • Virtual wards/remote patient monitoring
  • Digital patient flow
  • Nurse training and development
  • ChatGPT and large language models
  • The Phillips Ives Nursing & Midwifery Review

Within the Nursing Times Digital Series , you will have the opportunity to collectively lead on helping the nursing workforce to embrace digital transformation and be actively involved in its development.

By registering for at least one event this year, we will give you access to:

  • Our virtual event platform, your place to watch content live and on-demand
  • Hundreds of like-minded colleagues from across NHS, acute, community and independent healthcare providers 
  • The opportunity to collaborate with both public and private providers, addressing common challenges, sharing solutions and formulating action plans 
  • Innovative solutions provided by thought leaders in this space
  • Earn CPD points, an attendance certificate will be sent to all attendees post event

Sponsors & Partners

Join us as a sponsor to meet key influencers and end users of products, showcase your innovative solutions, position your organisation as a thought-leader, and network with front-line leaders.

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