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The Nursing Times Digital Forum will be an online event on the 4-5 October attended by Chief Nurses, Chief Nursing Information Officers, digital leaders and nurses across the NHS.

Over two mornings of interactive talks, presentations and Q&As, the Forum will examine the latest technological solutions and digital transformation processes aimed at improving patient safety and time to care.

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Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The digital transformation in the health and care system is something affecting everyone, whether in primary and community care, accident and emergency, on the ward, discharge planning or the care sector.

The digitisation of healthcare, including in nursing, has been greatly accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. After a slow uptake in health care, every organisation is now looking at how they can use technology to make their processes more efficient and to improve patients and staff experience.

There is a lot of focus in this area, demonstrated by the rapid appointment of chief nursing information officers in many organisations and the declaration of the chief nursing officer of England , who has pledged her support for every healthcare organisation to have a chief nursing information officer.

Are you a healthcare technology provider?

As the single point of failure is not reaching the hard-to-reach stakeholders it is important to ensure that the nursing workforce is involved in this journey, from the technology development stage to the deployment, making sure no nurse is left behind.

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